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What is Single Zone System?

A Single Zone System is a type of HVAC system specifically designed to manage the climate of one distinct area or ‘zone’ within a building or home. It stands in contrast to multi-zone systems, which have the capability to control temperatures in different areas simultaneously.

At its core, a Single Zone System involves the following components:

Unit Placement

Whether it’s a wall-mounted unit, floor-standing, or ceiling cassette, the Single Zone System will typically have one indoor unit connected to one outdoor unit.

No Extensive Ductwork

Most Single Zone Systems, especially ductless mini-splits, operate without the need for an intricate web of ducts running throughout the space. They deliver air directly to the specific area they are installed in.

Connection to an Outdoor Unit

Even though the system controls the temperature in one zone, it still requires an outdoor unit. This external unit houses important components such as the compressor and condenser, both which are vital for the system’s operation.

Control Mechanism

A Single Zone System comes with a control mechanism, which can range from traditional remote controls to more advanced Wi-Fi-enabled smart controls. This device lets users adjust the desired temperature and other settings for their specific zone.

The rooms where we spend the most time should be the most comfortable.

If you are adding on a room over the garage, finishing the basement, or finishing the attic, then a Mitsubishi Single-Zone Mini Split may just be the perfect solution. If you only want AC in your bedroom or the TV room, we’ve got you covered. Man Cave, She-Shed, Check!

In a day or less, we can give any space heating, air conditioning, air filtration, and dehumidification all in one super-efficient package that is controlled with a simple to use remote control.

Both Mitsubishi’s Hyper-Heat, and Standard Heat Pump models are made in a 1 to 1 set-up, where you have one outdoor unit and one indoor unit. This is all you need to bring comfort to spaces as large as 1200 square feet with one system, in one day.

How Single Zoning Works

If one room in your home lacks the airflow required to keep you comfortable, a single-zone solution is the way to go. These systems offer individualized comfort in one defined space, whether it’s an enclosed patio, home office, or bonus room.

Mitsubishi’s inverter technology will constantly maintain the perfect level of comfort that you desire, without the wild temperature swings and energy bills of other single space solutions, and their hyper heat technology will give you amazing comfort even in those harsh New Hampshire winters.

Each single zone Mitsubishi Electric HVAC system includes one indoor air handling unit and one compact outdoor condensing unit. You can choose between wall-mounted, floor-mounted, ceiling recessed, and minimal ducted units.

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Benefits of Single Zone System

The rise in popularity of Single Zone Systems isn’t without reason. There are numerous benefits and advantages associated with their use:

Enhanced Energy Efficiency:

Because Single Zone Systems are designed to cool or heat specific areas, they typically consume less energy compared to traditional HVAC systems. This not only benefits the environment but also translates to lower energy bills for the user.

Customizable Comfort:

Every individual has a unique comfort preference. With Single Zone Systems, residents or office workers can adjust the temperature in their specific area without affecting other zones.


In homes or buildings where only certain rooms are used regularly, there’s no need to waste energy heating or cooling the entire property. A Single Zone System ensures that you’re only paying to regulate the temperature in spaces that are actually being utilized.

Quieter Operation:

Many Single Zone Systems, especially ductless ones, operate at a quieter decibel level than traditional units. This ensures minimal disruption and enhances the overall comfort of your space.

Reduced Carbon Footprint:

Lower energy consumption means a reduction in the greenhouse gas emissions associated with power production. By opting for this technology, you’re not only saving money but also taking a step toward a more sustainable future.

Flexibility in Design and Placement:

Given their compact nature, Single Zone Systems can be installed in a variety of spaces, from bedrooms and living rooms to garages and additions, without the need for extensive remodeling.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Single Zone Systems

Size of the Space

The square footage of the area you want to heat or cool plays a crucial role. A unit too small might not effectively manage the temperature, while one too large could lead to unnecessary energy consumption.

Location & Sun Exposure

Rooms with extensive sun exposure or those located in the attic may have different temperature needs than those located in shaded areas.

Existing HVAC Systems

If you already have an HVAC system in place, compatibility and integration of a Single Zone System become essential to ensure seamless operation.


Single Zone Systems come in various price ranges, with features and functionalities differing accordingly. Find a balance between the features you desire and your budget.

Aesthetics & Installation

The design and visual appeal of the unit can be a determining factor, especially for areas where aesthetics are vital. Furthermore, consider how invasive or straightforward the installation process is.

Find Your Heating & Cooling Solution

As a Mitsubishi Diamond Elite Contractor, Custom Climates will expertly install your single-zone system, which comes with a standard 12 and 12 warranty, in a day or less.

Heat Pumps require no combustion, so there is no Carbon Monoxide, just safe and effective comfort that is amazingly quiet.

A Mitsubishi Single Zone Solution will condition any space 365 days per year with operating costs of less than half of oil or propane.  With 0% financing options available, it has never been more affordable to say “the weather inside is perfect today”.

How do single zone systems contribute to energy efficiency & energy saving?

Targeted Cooling & Heating

Unlike traditional systems that expend energy to control the temperature of an entire building, Single Zone Systems focus only on the specific area they are installed in. This targeted approach significantly reduces energy waste.

Advanced Inverter Technology

Many of our Single Zone Systems are equipped with inverter technology, allowing the compressor to operate at variable speeds. This means the system can work harder during extreme temperature days and conserve energy during milder days.

Smart Controls & Automation

The latest models come with intuitive controls that can adjust to external conditions, set schedules, or even learn your preferences over time. Such features ensure the system operates only when necessary, saving energy in the process.

Reduced Air Leakage

The absence of extensive ductwork means there’s a lower risk of air leaks, a common energy-wasting problem in traditional systems.

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