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Early Days

In 2007, Jonathon started Custom Climates the way many people start, just doing work for family and friends.  After a short amount of time, it was clear that going out on his own was the best decision to make.  He purchased the first Custom Climates work van in early 2008 and the financial crash happened just a few months later.

Although he started out during one of the worst economies in history, it was triple-digit growth for the next 4 years.  Jonathon worked very hard to grow his business and keep his customers happy.  Our long time customers that date back to the beginning hold a special place in this company and Jonathon has never forgotten the ones who took a chance on him being a small one-man show.  Of course, all of our customers even today are contributing to the same thing, helping Custom Climates the #1 heating and cooling company in New Hampshire.

Recent Years

For a long time Jonathon recognized that working for HVAC companies in New Hampshire wasn’t very enjoyable for most technicians.  He knew that he wanted to grow the business but, more importantly, he wanted the company to become a place that had a family feel.  A place where his employees can grow and excel.  And with the help of management he has created just that.  Custom Climates employees are happy to come to work every day and serve our customers.  We know we can rely on each other and each of us works just as hard to help everyone in the company succeed as we work to just get the job done.

Another quality that we are always getting compliments on is our determination to always make it right with our customers.  Since the beginning Jonathon has always stated, “It isn’t when everything goes right with a job or project that you see the true merit of a company, it is when things don’t go right that the real colors of the company come out.”

We are in an industry where there are many moving parts and mechanical systems, manufacturers, wholesalers, and hundreds of components that make up a single system.  And we are charged with making sure it all goes together and functions properly when the power is turned on.  It is inevitable that something will go wrong somewhere along the way, with one of our customers, and any company that says otherwise isn’t being honest with themselves let alone the customer.  That being said, we have and will continue to go to great lengths to make sure when these things happen we are there as quickly as possible and get the issue corrected as quickly as possible.

We are not embarrassed or too proud to admit to our faults.  In one case our design team missed the mark on the design parameters to go by for one of our customer’s homes.  After some testing and adjusting, we realized the error, and without hesitation we removed the entire system and replaced it with a corrected system.  Although the new system was far more robust and comprehensive, therefore substantially more cost, we recognized that it was our mistake and it was all done at no charge to our customer.  Granted, these types of mistakes are few and far in between, but we think it’s important for customers to understand what type of integrity this company carries with every job and every customer.  If it is within our power to make you a happy customer, that’s what you’ll be.

Our Approach

We understand that most people don’t want to be “friends” with their heating and cooling company.  In a world of social media and constant bombardment of advertisements and marketing, we understand that the relationship between us and you is very simple.  When you are uncomfortable, you want us to fix it.  We won’t try to be more than you need us to be.  We try to only communicate when we feel we have some information or a product that you will truly benefit from, and we try to make sure we keep your equipment running efficiently for as long as possible.  We value our customers and know that without you there is no Custom Climates HVAC.

We thank all of the customers that have and continue to help us keep serving New Hampshire for all of its heating and cooling needs.

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