Mitsubishi Air Handler (Furnace Replacement)

Mitsubishi Air handler heat pump

Our bodies have adapted to a certain range of temperatures and feel extremely comfortable having that in every space. The Mitsubishi heat pump from Custom Climates helps to attain the perfect equilibrium with great accuracy and allows you to change it as per your requirement. They are highly efficient and can deliver up to 5 times more heat energy than the input. Furthermore, if proper circulation is your concern, pair it with a Mitsubishi air handler from our web store and ease yourself against harsh weather conditions outside.

A Mitsubishi Furnace Replacement?

Yes! It is a surprise to many people that they can actually replace their furnace with a Mitsubishi heat pump and not only save big on operating costs but also get rid of the combustion of fossil fuels in your home. Most people love the idea of the Mitsubishi mini-split system for their home, however, many people also find the aesthetics of the equipment to be less than desirable and sometimes the cost of doing a whole home Mitsubishi system is out of the budget for some. The Mitsubishi SVZ air handler is a great way to get the best air source heat pump technology to provide both heating and cooling in one system and do it with a budget that is reasonable for your household.

What is the Mitsubishi SVZ Air Handler?SVZ Air Handler

Basically a Mitsubishi SVZ air handler is a piece of equipment that moves the air through the ductwork in your home. This air handler connects to the same outdoor unit that works with ductless units. Likely you’ve heard of the efficiencies and benefits of ductless heating and cooling, now you can get the benefits of that equipment but not have to install units on the walls all over the house. An SVZ air handler gives you the same Hyper-Heat Technology as in the ductless units, and all the efficiency and savings, but they sit in the same footprint as your old furnace and connect right to your existing ductwork or air vents.

Features of Mitsubishi SVZ Air Handler

Mitsubishi heat pump and Mitsubishi air handler are equipped with multiple technical advancements that – Provide efficient functioning in purifying the air and deliver reformed performance to attain the required temperature.

Variable Speed Technology

Mitsubishi has always stepped up with technical updates. Through an advanced inverter compressor, the air handler can ramp up or slow down the motor speed and output. Just adjust the temperature to comfort through a thermostat or other control system and enjoy the refreshing air. 

Compact Design

What else can be expected from an air handler than a slim profile and lightweight construction? The Mitsubishi air handler offers a compact structure that is easy to transport and handle during installation, making it an ideal choice for residential and commercial applications alike. Custom Climates offers a diverse range of sizes, from 1.5 to 5 tons, and can fulfill all of your cooling and heating needs.

Flexible Installation Options

There is no need to struggle with the space. The air handler can be installed in any position in your room. A horizontal set-up can be placed in an attic or crawl space to make it disappear while closets and confined spaces are ideal for vertical placement. Mitsubishi ducted heat pump can be installed alongside for optimized output. 

Quiet Operation

If you are bothered by the whirring of machines, Mitsubishi ducted air handler would come as a surprise. The credit for their quiet operation goes to special fans that have a wider diameter and optimized blade pitch to reduce noise. They are also equipped with sound-absorbing insulation material which minimizes sound transmission so that you are not disturbed in between your important work.

How does the SVZ Air Handler replace a furnace?

A Mitsubishi SVZ Air Handler is heating, cooling, dehumidification, and air filtration all in one system. It works on the same heat pump technology described here, and it eliminates your need for gas or oil. This unit can be installed in a variety of positions and spaces. Because it eliminates the need for fuel and exhaust venting it allows for much more flexible installations. These units can be installed in basements, closets, and attics. All the benefits of having a whole house ducted heating and cooling system, without the combustion, noise, and potential for carbon monoxide the way a furnace does.

Would the Mitsubishi SVZ be right for my home or business?

If you have an existing furnace with existing ductwork then it is very likely that the SVZ would be a great fit for your home/business. Of course, any duct design will affect the performance of any heating or cooling system, but Custom Climates is always sure to inspect and quick check the duct design of a potential system installation. We recommend having us come out for a visit to take a look at the existing system to see if it makes sense and would be a fit for the Mitsubishi SVZ. Like most residential systems, there are some limitations on the sizing of the equipment based on the spaces being conditioned, but this again would be checked prior to installation.

Why would I want to replace my furnace with an SVZ air handler?

Most people replace their furnace when their old one fails. A furnace almost never fails on a Tuesday at 11:00 AM. We find that if your furnace is going to fail, you are likely going to find it in that condition during the most inconvenient time. It will likely fail on the coldest or hottest day of the year, likely a holiday weekend in the middle of the night… We joke a little, but people would be surprised how often this is the case. These circumstances are why most decisions for new furnaces are made in an emergency situation.

SVZ InstallationIt is very often that when these situations occur, most people will have their service company diagnose the issue, then when told it can’t be fixed, they have that same company replace it with whatever they can do quickest for the least amount of money. It is a situation that doesn’t allow for a lot of time to make the best decision based on comfort, controls, and the best return on investment. The HVAC system in your home is one of the higher costing features to replace, others being a driveway, septic, or roof. The HVAC system is also like the lungs of your home providing healthy air and comfort, and this is very important. Custom Climates highly recommends trying to weigh all these items before jumping to replacing your system with the quickest or same system you’ve had for decades. A Mitsubishi Air Handler can be installed in the same amount of time or less time than a conventional furnace. You are back up and running in a day or less and your heating bills are reduced.

It is for these reasons that we recommend planning ahead to replace your furnace with a Mitsubishi SVZ now while your existing system is still operating. Or even in an emergency situation, don’t make an emergency decision. A Mitsubishi air handler is a great choice and can be done just as quickly as a conventional furnace replacement.

One last thought for customers with existing homes looking to replace an aging furnace. Many people have a conventional air conditioning system that was installed as part of their HVAC system. Some people buy a new furnace and leave the old AC there, or by new AC and leave the old furnace there because they never fail at the same time. Today, systems are really built to work together, and the best efficiencies come from having a matched system. Leaving half of your old HVAC system and replacing half with new greatly limits the technology and efficiencies you can take advantage of. With a Mitsubishi Heat Pump Air Handler, you get heating and cooling in one system and this eliminates having to revisit HVAC replacement for a long time. At the same time it maximizes the opportunity to take advantage of technologies available today and with several financing plans available, this state of the art solution is affordable for any budget.

Common Inquiries about Mitsubishi Air Handler

What types of filters can be used with a Mitsubishi SVZ air handler?

Mitsubishi air handlers use a variety of filters that are known to deliver improved air quality indoors. Besides using standard filters for large particles such as dust and debris, they also have hybrid filters that remove odor. The electrostatic filters capture pollens and allergens while HEPA filters block particles of 0.3 microns and larger.

Can a Mitsubishi SVZ air handler be installed in an existing home?

These air handlers are replacing many existing furnaces and can be connected to the pre-installed mini-split systems and serve as an upgrade for Mitsubishi ducted air handlers. However, it is important to check the compatibility of the devices. Custom Climates has been delivering its services for successful 25 years now and are happy to extend you a helping hand with its heating & air-cooling expertise.  

Can a Mitsubishi SVZ air handler be used with a ductless mini-split system?

This configuration is possible and is being used as a modern solution in the HVAC industry. The ductless mini-split system allows each handler to be controlled independently so that you can set a different temperature for each room. 

What is the lifespan of a Mitsubishi SVZ air handler?

They are built with durable material for rough and tough use which can last up to 20 years or more when given proper maintenance and quality installation. Cleaning filters regularly, inspecting electrical components, and checking refrigerant levels can further enhance the life expectancy of the air handler.

Why choose Custom Climates HVAC for Mitsubishi Ducted Air Handler?

Whether you are replacing your furnace or installing a new mini-split system, Custom Climates is your one-stop store for all your HVAC requirements. We offer a wide range of Mitsubishi air handlers and Mitsubishi heat pumps that are highly efficient in functioning. Our trained specialists inspect your existing potential system and deeply analyze the compatibility of the air handlers with it. The field technicians will set up the appliance in no time and are just a call away for all your needs. Moreover, we also offer 24/7 emergency service to all our customers to quickly resolve your device’s issues. Our genuine products and hassle-free process of claiming a warranty are appreciated by thousands of customers. 

Upgrade your space to better air quality and quiet functioning with Mitsubishi air handlers at Custom Climates.


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