Ductless Outdoor Unit Cover

Outdoor Unit Covers for Ductless Systems

Ductless Outdoor Unit Cover SnowDo I need a cover for my outdoor unit?

The easy answer is no.  These units are designed to be outdoors and they don’t need to have a cover to protect them.  However, the better answer could be yes, there are several strong benefits to adding a cover to your ductless system in many installations.

Is your mini-split heat pump outdoor unit on a side of the house where roof water drips on it?

Ductless Outdoor Unit Cover

Outdoor units (ODU’s) are designed to withstand the harshest of conditions, and we know those certainly exist here in New Hampshire.  We have many times seen units dented and damaged from falling snow and ice.  While this is one example where a cover would be an advantage, there is a bigger reason for an ODU Cover, and that is to keep water from dripping on it.  Many companies will tell you this is no big deal, but it is.  Cold Weather Heat Pumps need to go into a defrost when the coil in the ODU freezes during the process of absorbing heat from the outdoor air.  In order to get the heat out of the air, the coil needs to be substantially colder than the ambient temperature.  This causes the coil to get frost and ice to accumulate on it.  The colder it is outside, the more your unit will need to defrost.  If water is dripping from your roof onto the ODU because of snow, ice melt, and rain, the fan will pull that water into the coil and make it defrost much more often.  While a unit is in defrost mode, it is running but not producing heat.  This simply costs you more to heat your home when you have a heat pump.

So not only can the ODU cover protect your equipment, but it pays for itself too.

No matter what brand of Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump you have, Custom Climates has a cover to fit it.  If you would like a quotation from our service department for an ODU cover, please click here.

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