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What is Multi-Zone Systems

Custom Climates HVAC presents multi-zone systems that singlehandedly manage heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, allowing independent temperature control in different areas or zones within a building. Unlike traditional single-zone systems, where a single thermostat controls the entire space, multi-zone systems utilize diverse thermostats to regulate the temperature in individual spaces. This provides greater flexibility and efficiency, as occupants can customize the comfort level in each area according to their preferences.

A Multi Zone System involves the following components:

Multiple Thermostats: To control and monitor the temperature in each zone individually.

Zone Dampers: These regulate airflow to different zones, allowing precise control over heating and cooling.

Air Handling Units: Responsible for conditioning and circulating air throughout the zones.

Control Panel: Centralized system that manages the operation and coordination of the entire multi-zone setup.

Do you want the ultimate control over every room of your home?

Today, most people are recognizing the value of comfort in the home. And in this day of having control of everything at your fingertips thanks to technology, that desired comfort should be no different. That is why the multi-zone system was created. With a Mitsubishi multi-zone system, you can have system, every room of your home can have it’s own controlled climate. Perhaps the kids room needs to be a little warmer than the living room. Or perhaps 90% of the time the family is in the living room so there is no need to heat the rest of the house equally. Mitsubishi multi-zone heating and cooling systems allow you to control each room to your liking. It has never been easier.

Benefits of Multi-Zone Systems

Energy Savings

Multi-zone systems offer significant energy savings compared to traditional single-zone setups. By allowing self-supporting temperature control in different zones, occupants can adjust the heating or cooling based on their needs. This prevents unnecessary energy consumption in unoccupied or less frequently used areas. As a result, the system operates more efficiently, leading to reduced utility bills and a greener, eco-friendly approach to HVAC.

Less Strain on Your System

With multi-zone systems, the workload on the HVAC equipment is better distributed. Instead of constantly heating or cooling the entire building, the system focuses on key areas that require conditioning at any given time. So, the system experiences less strain and wear, leading to prolonged equipment life and reduced maintenance costs.

Maximizes Dehumidification

Targeting specific zones allows for effective dehumidification, especially in areas prone to excess moisture, like bathrooms or basements. By maintaining ideal humidity levels, the system improves indoor air quality and inhibits mold and mildew growth.

How HVAC Zoning Works

In a home with conventional multi-zone heating and cooling systems, it’s often difficult to stay comfortable. In many cases the zones are large, sometimes covering entire floors! When expansive areas of a home are being heated or cooled from multiple outdoor units and large amounts of ductwork, it can result in uneven distribution of air and a loss of efficiency.

Multi-zone Systems

Multi-zone systems help you to control the temperature in rooms in your home as you desire. Install our whisper-quiet units in the rooms you use the most or your entire house. Our efficient comfort systems can connect up to 8 units to one outdoor condensing unit. You control the individual temperatures in each room, while saving up to 45 percent in energy costs in the process! Custom Climates can install units that are whisper-quiet, non-invasive, and environmentally friendly to keep your family comfortable and the air clean to breathe.

Find Your Heating And Cooling Solution

With a multi-zone Mitsubishi heating and cooling system, the right amount of comfort is delivered when and where you want it!
Our attractive and sleek split-zoning systems come in a variety of styles, including wall-mounted, floor-mounted, ceiling recessed, and ducted, to meet your design needs.

How Do Multi-Zone Systems Contribute To Energy Efficiency?

Zone-specific Temperature Control

Our multi-zone systems allow individual temperature control in different areas or zones of a building. Individuals can set different temperatures for each area based on their individual needs. When certain areas are unoccupied or require less conditioning, they can be adjusted to save energy. The system uses energy more efficiently by avoiding the need to heat or cool the entire building uniformly.

Reduced Overheating and Overcooling

In traditional single-zone systems, the thermostat measures the temperature in one location, often resulting in overheating or overcooling in certain areas while others can still be uncomfortable. Multi-zone systems, with multiple thermostats and dampers, regulate each zone independently. This eliminates wasteful temperature fluctuations and maintains a more consistent and comfortable environment throughout the building.

Lower Energy Consumption in Unoccupied Areas

Multi-zone systems shine in buildings with varying occupancy patterns. When specific zones are unoccupied, they can be turned off or set to energy-saving mode. This targeted approach prevents unnecessary energy consumption in unused areas, resulting in significant energy savings over time.

Enhanced HVAC Equipment Efficiency

By focusing on conditioning only the zones that require it, our multi-zone systems reduce the pressure on the HVAC equipment. This decreases the system’s strain, improving efficiency and prolonging equipment life. The reduced wear and tear move into lower maintenance costs and potential energy savings.

Customized Scheduling and Setbacks

With our multi-zone systems, it’s possible to implement customized heating and cooling schedules for different zones. For example, during nighttime or weekends, certain zones can be set to lower temperatures (setback) to save energy when they are not in use. Then, they can be brought back to comfortable levels before occupants return, optimizing energy usage.

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How Is Air Distribution Managed In Multi-Zone Systems?

Zone Dampers

Zone dampers are installed within the ductwork, and their primary function is to control the airflow to specific zones. These dampers can be opened or closed to regulate the amount of conditioned air delivered to each zone. When a zone requires heating or cooling, the corresponding damper opens, allowing air to flow into that zone. Conversely, dampers for less frequently used zones remain closed to prevent unnecessary energy consumption.

Multiple Air Handling Units (AHUs)

Multi-zone systems can utilize multiple air handling units, each responsible for conditioning the air for specific zones. Each AHU has its own fan, filters, and temperature control system. This allows for independent operation and the ability to simultaneously cater to different temperature requirements in different zones.

Variable Air Volume (VAV) System

Some of our multi-zone systems use VAV technology, which adjusts the airflow to each zone based on its heating or cooling demand. It modulates the fan speed or adjusts the damper positions to control the airflow. As zones reach their set temperature, the VAV system reduces the airflow, promoting energy efficiency.

Thermostats and Zone Controllers

Each zone has a thermostat or controller to manage individual zones’ temperature settings. Occupants can set their desired temperature, and the system responds accordingly, providing precise temperature control.

Control Panel and Sensors

A centralized control panel acts as the brain of the multi-zone system. It receives input from various thermostats and sensors placed throughout the building, monitoring temperature, occupancy, and other environmental factors. The control panel processes this data to coordinate the operation of dampers, fans, and AHUs to achieve optimal air distribution and comfort.

Balancing Dampers

These are installed in the ductwork to ensure an equal airflow distribution to all zones. They help maintain consistent air pressure and prevent issues such as air imbalances or uneven temperatures.

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