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What should I consider when selecting a new boiler?

In a boiler, heat is created by combusting fuel (most commonly propane, natural gas, or oil in New Hampshire) in a combustion chamber. That heat is then transferred to the water via a heat exchanger, and then the heat is distributed throughout the home via baseboards, hi-efficiency baseboards, radiant heat, hydronic coils, or even steam in some cases. Boilers are not one size fits all. The sizing and design of the delivery medium (i.e. baseboards, radiant) is very important in selecting a boiler. You may have heard about certain types of boilers like combination boilers, which we will discuss below, but they are not the right choice for every application. Here is a list of a few things that will determine the proper boiler for you:

Fuel Type

What is your existing fuel type?  Is it propane, natural gas, or oil?  Do you want to switch your fuel type and why?  There are advantages and disadvantages to each, but the type of fuel helps narrow down the options.


Does it direct-vent through the wall or is it chimney-vented? Does it have to be chimney-vented if I have a chimney? What would be the difference in terms of heating my house?


How is the hot water distributed throughout the house?  Is it baseboard, hi-efficiency baseboard, radiant floor, hydronic coil, steam radiator? Is there a different product for baseboard vs high-efficiency baseboard?


How many zones do you have? How many circulators do you have or how many thermostats do you have?  Is this adequate?

Hot water

Is your domestic hot water heated off of this boiler?  If yes, is it direct-fired where the boiler heats the water as you use it, with no tank. Is it indirect, where there is a storage tank that keeps a reserve warm all the time?  Do you want to keep the set-up that you have now?  Or look at alternatives?

These are just a few of the things we are analyzing when we make recommendations for boilers, as all can affect the efficiency of your boiler.

What benefits do Pensotti boilers have?

Triple Pass – In a triple pass boiler the heat runs through three chambers to capture as much of the heat as possible before throwing the exhaust outside.  It is the most efficient way to get the maximum amount of heat from the fuel.  The design extracts heat from three times as much surface area of the boiler.

Low Mass – A regular single-pass boiler typically holds up to 17 gallons of water. By the time you start feeling your house is heated, you usually will have paid to heat 2x the amount of iron and 4x the amount of water, and the excess heat goes up your chimney. The Pensotti low mass boiler only holds 3.5 gallons of water at any given time. If you are going to boil water for your tea, are you going to use a lobster pot or a teapot? Of course, the teapot, because the water is going to boil much more quickly and efficiently.  That is the same concept as the Pensotti boiler.

Thermal Targeting – The hydrostat control uses thermal targeting to match the heat load and the boiler water temperature. Simply put, let’s say a regular boiler has a 100,000 BTU output. That boiler is going to produce 100,000 BTUs of heat per hour whether it is 0 degrees outside or 40 degrees outside.

The hydrostat has an outdoor temperature sensor that adjusts the target temperature of the water inside the boiler based on how many BTU’s are required to satisfy the load.  The warmer it is outside the lower the temperature of the water going through the baseboards has to be to heat the space. The control will purge standing heat in the boiler at the start of any thermostat call, supplying free latent energy to the heating zone that is calling.

Triple Pass Boiler
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Why does Custom Climates carry the Pensotti line of products?

Over the years Custom Climates has installed many different boiler brands and still continues to offer several brands.  When it comes to oil boilers however, Pensotti is always on our shortlist of products to talk about.  When it comes to selecting a boiler system, three things are key: comfort, reliability, and efficiency. You’ll find all three with Pensotti boilers and the experts at Custom Climates.

Pensotti boiler systems offer oil, propane, and natural gas options.  They have a triple pass design which means higher efficiency.  And they are a low mass boiler, with only 5-12 gallons of water inside the unit at any given time.  With chimney or direct vent options it offers flexibility with the installations.  Custom Climates feels that the Pensotti brand brings a lot of value and quality in the boiler design and options.

What Pensotti boiler is right for me?

The selection of the right Pensotti boiler is going to have to be based on the factors already discussed.  The boiler itself will be selected based on “sections” which represent the amount of BTU’s that are required to heat the home.  Custom Climates will also consider how the delivery of the BTU’s to the space is designed.  In some cases, the amount of baseboard and how many BTU’s that baseboard can supply to the space can surpass the output of the boiler or fall short.

The other items to consider when selecting a Pensotti boiler will be the add on items that may benefit your goals and investment.  The controls, the type and model of the burner to attach, and whether or not a stand is necessary are all items to consider.  Custom Climates expertly designs and walks you through the process.Contact us to set up a visit to see what Pensotti product would be best for you, your family, and your home.

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