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What should I consider when selecting a new oil furnace?

In an oil furnace, heat is created by combusting fuel in a combustion chamber. That heat is then transferred to the air via a heat exchanger, and then the heat is distributed throughout the home via ductwork.  Furnaces are not one size fits all.  The sizing and design of the delivery medium (i.e. ductwork) is very important in selecting a new oil furnace.  Here is a list of a few things that will determine the proper furnace for you:

Fuel Type

What is your existing fuel type?  Do you already have oil as a fuel source?  Have you considered switching fuel sources?  There are advantages and disadvantages to each, but the type of fuel helps narrow down the options.


Does it direct-vent through the wall or is it chimney-vented? Does it have to be chimney-vented if I have a chimney? What would be the difference in terms of heating my house?


How many zones do you have? How well do your thermostats function to give the control you want?  Is this adequate?

These are just a few of the things we are analyzing when we make recommendations for oil furnaces, as all can affect the efficiency of your furnace.

What Conforto oil furnace is right for me?

The selection of the right oil furnace is going to have to be based on the factors already discussed.  The furnace itself will be selected on the BTU output rating which is calculated based on the amount of BTU’s that are required to heat the home.  Custom Climates will also consider how the delivery of the BTU’s to the space is designed.  In some cases, the design of the ductwork and how that ductwork can supply heat to the space can surpass the output of the boiler or fall short.  This would need to be considered before selecting a new furnace.

The other items to consider when selecting a Conforto oil furnace will be the add on items that may benefit your goals and investment.  The air quality items, the type and model of the burner to attach, and whether or not AC is part of the system are all items to consider.  Custom Climates expertly designs and walks you through the process.

Why does Custom Climates carry the Conforto line of oil furnaces?

Over the years Custom Climates has installed many different furnace brands and still continues to offer several brands.  When it comes to oil furnaces however, the Conforto is always our number one choice.  We have many successful installations of Conforto oil furnaces, and highly recommend this option for your project.  When it comes to selecting an oil furnace, three things are key: comfort, reliability, and efficiency. You’ll find all three with Conforto furnaces and the experts at Custom Climates.  In our experience, Conforto is the best value in the oil furnace heating industry.

What benefits do Conforto oil furnaces have?

Triple Pass – In a triple pass oil furnace the heat runs through three chambers to capture as much of the heat as possible before throwing the exhaust outside.  It is the most efficient way to get the maximum amount of heat from the fuel.  The design extracts heat from three times as much surface area of the furnace.  There are not too many oil furnaces that have a triple pass heat exchanger.  This is one of the top reasons the Conforto oil furnace is a great choice for our customers.

Multi-position – The Conforto oil furnace is a true 4 position furnace.  It can be installed up-flow, down-flow, horizontal-left, and horizontal-right.  There are very few oil furnaces that can be installed in this fashion.  This makes the Conforto very versatile and can be installed in many different applications.

Small footprint and direct vent option – The Conforto oil furnace has a small footprint and it can be vented straight through the wall as an option, not necessarily through a chimney.  This again makes the Conforto very versatile in where it can be installed.

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Efficiency – The Conforto has an optional ECM motor and has been designed with Energy Star Certified at all firing rates, virtually unheard of benefits in the oil furnace industry.  Conforto also offers a 96.7% AFUE rated condensing oil furnace.  That is the same ratings of the top efficiency-rated furnaces.

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