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March 10, 2023

A Complete Guide to Picking a Home Boiler

Some home installations are so critical that you cannot afford any chance when making investment in them. Boiler systems have become integral parts of homes in areas like Auburn, NH where chilling winders can drop below -13°C usually. They are often considered as long-term investments, so ensure that your shopping expectations have been curated precisely. There are multiple aspects for consideration, such as the boiler’s burner type, efficiency, size, and fuel compatibility. We will elaborate on all of them in detail so that you can filter your expectations for water heater installations on a technical basis instead of going with any random suggestion.

Basic Boiler Types

When starting with the understanding of technical aspects, we must have clarification of basic types, i.e. “Combi Boiler”, “Wall Hung”, and “Conventional Boiler”.

A combi boiler is a compact heating and hot water system that domestic heats water on demand without the need for a separate water storage tank. It is ideal for smaller properties with limited space and lower hot water demands. These are similar to wall hung boilers that are likewise compact but do not have the domestic water heating features that the combi boilers have.

Conventional boilers, on the other hand, typically require a separate hot water storage tank but can provide hot water to more outlets simultaneously at a higher flow rate. It is suitable for larger properties with higher hot water demands and where space is not an issue.

Guide to Selecting the Right Home Boiler 

Do you make purchases on the basis of brand name influence only and are now going to make boiler buying decision the same way? What about compatibility, efficiency, and other factors that make a home boiler viable specifically for your home. No need to worry, we have got you covered with some useful information.

Boiler Size Selection Instructions 

Overall home size

The bigger the home, the bigger the boiler (in BTU rating) you will need to provide sufficient heating and hot water.

The number of bathrooms and showers

The more bathrooms and showers you have, the higher the domestic hot water demand will be, and the bigger the combi boiler capacity you will need. If you are sourcing domestic hot water from another source then this isn’t a factor in choosing a new boiler.

Accordance to insulation quality

A well-insulated home will require a smaller boiler than a poorly insulated home, as it will retain heat more effectively. This is why a proper heat load calculation should be done, even if you are replacing an existing boiler. Home efficiency upgrades and modifications may have changed the requirements for BTU capacity in your boiler.

Queries to Clarify About Fuel Type Selection

The fuel source you are going to use is among the primary considerations because of some crucial factors associated such as:-

  • Is compatible fuel readily available in your area or already in the home? Make sure that the boiler’s fuel is conveniently accessible in your location. Does heavy snowfall and other extreme weather conditions affect the delivery of fuel? This is also something to consider.
  • How much does the fuel cost per unit? It must be affordable enough to serve you 24X7 without over-stretching the regular expenses.
  • How efficient is the fuel in terms of converting energy into heat? Make a list of all cost-efficient fuel options available at your location.
  • What is the environmental impact of the fuel? For instance, boilers running on cheap coal and wood, or even oil not only pollute the environment severely but also deliver lower efficiency options than others.
  • How safe is the fuel to store and use? Some fuels may pose a greater risk of fire or explosion than others. Safety measures integrated by manufacturers also play a key-role in making your boiler safe from accidental incidents. Perhaps this has a larger weight to your decision making than the efficiency value. Every consumer is different in this area, but it is something to consider.

Some Home Boiler Brands Known For Their Credibility

Rinnai tankless water heaters

Rinnai tankless water heaters are a popular choice for homeowners who want an energy-efficient and space-saving solution for their hot water needs. Unlike traditional tank water heaters, tankless models heat water on demand, eliminating the need for a large storage tank or large reserves of maintained hot water within the boiler itself. Rinnai offers a range of models to fit different household sizes and heating/hot water demands, and their products are known for their reliability and durability.

Trio Boiler Systems

Trio Boilers are a great option for home owners running on fuel oil. Trio offers a triple pass heat exchanger and a low mass boiler. This basically means it tries three times to get as much heat out of the combusted fuel and it has a small amount of water within its block so the overall heating efficiency is great compared to many other brands and systems. Trio has a great warranty and support.

Pensotti Boiler Systems

Pensotti Boiler Systems is a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency boilers for residential and commercial use. Based in Rhode Island, USA, Pensotti offers a range of gas and oil-fired boilers that are designed to provide maximum comfort, efficiency, and reliability. Their products are built with quality materials and advanced technology to deliver energy savings and reduce environmental impact. Pensotti Boiler Systems has been serving the North American market for over 50 years and is recognized for its innovative engineering and exceptional customer service.

Always approach certified HVAC companies in NH for installation or repair jobs related to home boilers because you will never know when a minor negligence or mistake can turn into a big trouble during the extreme chill of the winters.


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