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How many indoor units can be connected to one outdoor unit?

  • Can a ductless mini-split system be used for both heating and cooling?
  • What Are the Signs I Need a New Heating and Air Conditioning System?
  • How many indoor units can be connected to one outdoor unit?
  • What is the lifespan of a ductless mini-split system?
  • How efficient is a ductless mini-split system?
  • How often does a ductless mini-split system need maintenance?
  • Can a ductless mini-split system be installed in an existing home?
  • How much does a ductless mini split system cost to install?

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How Do We Design The Perfect Heating & Cooling System For My Family’s Home?

Get A Free Consultation

During your Free Design Consultation, one of our friendly HVAC experts will thoroughly inspect your home, ask essential questions, and do their best to understand your family’s lifestyle, preferences, and priorities.

After carefully considering everything we’ve learned about your situation and needs, our Design Specialist will provide thoughtful recommendations, answer any questions you have, and work with you to tailor the perfect Heating & Cooling System for your family.


Get A Proposal On The Spot

We believe our customers shouldn’t wait for weeks to get an estimate. 

At the end of the design process, our proprietary system will generate a quote and the Design Specialist will share the final proposal with you during our visit.

The Design Consultation is Absolutely Free and Carries No Obligations. If you are happy with the design and choose to proceed, our team can also help with the financing process and apply for rebates and tax credits you may qualify for.


The Installation Process

Our team of expert HVAC technicians will update you prior to arrival, show up on time in Custom Climates Branded vehicles, and act with the utmost professionalism and respect while working in your family home. 
The installation process only takes a couple of hours, though Multi-zone systems may take slightly longer to install than a single mini-split.

When the installation is complete, we’ll clean up the work area and show you how to operate your shiny new heating & cooling system. 


Lasting Comfort & Peace Of Mind

Every new installation comes with a full 12-month warranty on parts and labor. Most of our brands also offer a 12-year Factory Warranty on the HVAC System.

If there are any problems after we leave, just call the Custom Climates office, and we will do what it takes to make things right!


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Install The Perfect Heating & Cooling System In Your Home.

Experience Comfort and Savings with a Heating & Cooling System that is “Just Right” for Your Family’s Lifestyle, Comfort, and Budget.

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Your Home Is Your Family’s Sanctuary

Our technicians arrive on time, treat your family and home with the utmost respect, work with professionalism and courtesy, get the job done right, and leave no mess behind.

Rigorously Trained, Expert Technicians

Every Member of Our Staff Goes Through Our Proprietary Training and Vetting Process To Ensure They Meet The Highest Standards of Knowledge, Competence, and Professionalism.

Licensed, Bonded, And Insured

Our Technicians are vetted and certified by the country's leading institutions and have the highest level of certification, training, and hands-on expertise.

Upfront, Affordable Prices

We believe our customers deserve great service at an honest, fair, and affordable price. Our transparent, flat-rate pricing saves you money and ensures you are never surprised.

Long-Term Comfort and Peace of Mind

Purchasing and installing your Mitsubishi Electric products from a Diamond Dealer secures both a full 12-month warranty on labor and Mitsubishi’s industry-leading 12-year Factory Warranty.

Your Go-To HVAC Partners

Our goal is to be there for you for years to come. We aim to be your Go-To HVAC Provider of peace of mind, honest advice, affordable repairs, and exceptional customer service.

We are Mitsubishi’s Preferred Diamond Contractor

We are one of Mitsubishi Electric’s Earliest Pioneers. It has been our brand of choice for over a decade! Our Technicians are experts at installing & servicing Mitsubishi mini-split systems.

We Don’t Believe in Cookie Cutter Solutions

Your home, lifestyle, and budget are unique and require thoughtful consideration. We are committed to designing a Custom installation that is “Just Right” for Your Family’s Comfort.

What is a Ductless “Mini-Split” and How Does It Work?

Instead, they rely on an electric refrigeration system “split” between an outdoor unit and an indoor air handler that moves hot and cold temperatures between the indoor and outdoor units via metal tubing.

These compact HVAC systems can maintain different temperatures in different rooms and keep individual members of your household comfortable at the temperature they like best, year-round even in sub-zero temperatures.  

Ductless “Mini-Splits” are Electric Heating & Air Conditioning Systems that don’t use a network of air ducts or burn any fuel.

What Are Some of The Benefits of a Ductless “Mini-Split” Heating & Cooling System?

Lower energy costs, improved air quality, has zero emissions, is extremely quiet to operate, and can be installed virtually anywhere.

Mini-Split Systems require less energy to operate than traditional HVAC Systems and slash your monthly energy bill by eliminating expenses associated with burning fuel and the need to push air through long, outdated ducts to heat or cool the entirety of your home.

Ductless “Mini-Splits” systems are a modern, incredibly efficient HVAC technology that provides superior comfort for every member of the household.

Comfort & Flexibility

Make each room in your home the perfect temperature for its occupants year-round.

Efficiency & Savings

Slash your energy bill with all-electric, incredibly efficient systems. 

Better Air Quality

Improve your family’s health. Breathe cleaner air with no mold, dust, or funky odors

The Custom Climates Advantage

All About Custom Climates

We are extremely well-known in the community for offering honest, friendly, top-quality service that keeps our client’s needs, lifestyles, and budgets in mind.

Our knowledgeable technicians are rigorously trained year-round, remain up to date on all innovations, technologies, and trends, and are experts in all things heating and cooling. 

Custom Climates is a full-service Heating & Cooling Company supporting Southern New Hampshire Families, Homes, and Businesses since 2007.

We are fully licensed and insured to install, service, and repair all types of Heating & Cooling Systems.

Our specialty lies in cutting-edge, high-efficiency systems that ensure our customers’ comfort year-round, reduce the monthly energy bill, and don’t cost an arm and a leg to maintain.

We tailor our recommendations to your family’s home, lifestyle, and budget and do our best to educate you on the benefits and impacts of each recommendation.

We are grateful for every customer. Our Long-Term Relationships Are Our Greatest Assets. Without you, there would be no Custom Climates HVAC.

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The Custom Climates Advantage

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Why Choose Custom Climates?

Because choosing the right HVAC partner can make a world of difference.

With Custom Climates, you get honest, fair, upfront prices, a seamless planning and installation process, a modern heating & cooling system designed “Just Right” for your family, home, and budget, and the absolute peace of mind of knowing your dedicated HVAC support is just a phone call away.  

Install The Perfect Mitsubishi Ductless “Mini Split” System In Your Home.

Experience Comfort and Savings with a Heating & Cooling System that is “Just Right” for Your Family’s Lifestyle, Comfort, and Budget

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